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Fight against coronavirus by Robots in Rwanda

Fight Against Coronavirus  By Robots In Rwanda

Around the world, every country is trying to implement different measures on how to combat the deadly virus while others have advanced in these measures. For the safety of the health workers in hospitals with infected victims of coronavirus, the Ministry of Health has deployed robots in some countries. The fight against coronavirus by Robots has started with Rwanda in the whole of the East Africa countries.

Fight against coronavirus by Robots in RwandaThey are five robots that were donated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to Rwanda, each robot cost about $3,300. The ministry of health rejoiced for having received robot workmates which will increase the simplicity of delivering their services.  These high-tech robots have the capacity to screen 50 to 150 people per minute, captures data, and notify officers on duty about detected abnormalities. The fight against coronavirus by Robots at the main hospital in the treatment of coronavirus victims, Kanyinya treatment center located in Kigali hospital. The robotics engineers will be training the Ministry of Health staff concerning the use of the robots for about one month, after which it is expected that the ministry’s officials will be able to operate them.

They are made by Zora Bots, a Belgian company specialized in robotics solutions, they are designed with various advanced features to support doctors and nurses at designated treatment centers, and can also be leveraged into screening sites in the country.

Purposes of the 5 Smart Anti Epidemic robots

Mass temperature screening which minimises contact between patients infected with the coronavirus and doctors and nurses in hospitals.
Monitoring Covid19 patients in terms of their daily conditions, they need by that time.
Keeping records of all Corona Virus patients in Rwanda. It’s due to the robot’s capacity of keeping the records in terms of audios and videos.
Notify health officials on duty about new detectives
Deliver food and drinks to the patients in their wards, which will fasten the delivery services in Rwanda.

World current state of COVID 19. COVID 19 has affected over 213 countries and territories all over the world and at the same time, these countries are trying to fight the spread of the virus that started in December 2019 in China. Apparently, they are over 7,471,198 COVID 19 cases and 419,265 deaths. However much the deadly pandemic is spreading like world fire, successfully over 3,789,150 have recovered.  These countries have majorly embarked on closing all international flights and border crossing by water and road travelers.  Countries with tourist destinations especially with endangered primates like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and among others are temporarily closed.

Rwanda’s current state of Corona Virus.  From the time the country recorded her first corona Virus positive case in Marc 2020, the numbers have increased rapidly to a total of 369 positive cases with 244 recoveries and no death. Rwanda has been in a  lockdown due to the daily increasing numbers of coronavirus patients and this has really helped a lot. This has lead to a standstill of the businesses and public transport means which leads back to the country’s economy. Due to the demanding needs of the country, the lockdown was eased by the government on 4th May 2020.  This allowed public transport means on condition that they carry a specified minimum number of clients each passenger with a face mask and essential workers (such as doctors and nurses )to report back to work. The great work done of the fight against coronavirus by Robots in Rwanda was in support of the president and Ministry of Health.

Life after  Covid19 in Rwanda for the tourism sector. Rwanda people and in other countries can’t wait for that time when the deadly virus is no more. After the defeat of the deadly Corona Virus, all tourism destinations will reopen in Rwanda and ready to welcome visitors for the great tours after a long while of fear to contract the disease.  For all updates please keep posted on our website for every potential traveler.  All bookings for the great gorilla trekking will be open and other tour destinations.

Other top enjoyed travel activities in the land of hills include chimpanzee trekking, mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, bird watching, canopy walk, Kigali city tour, Karisimbi volcano hiking, game viewing, and cultural tours among others. They will all be available for you, our great clients,


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