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Do you dream of having the most sought adventure of gorilla trekking in Rwanda but short of adequate funds to facilitate the experience? Worry no more, Visit and Tour Rwanda together with the Rwanda Development Board bring you the most affordable budget gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda.

These pocket-friendly tour packages surprisingly come with state of art modern accommodation facilities as you visit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda.  However, these budget gorilla tours shouldn’t be confused with cheap gorilla tours, of course, the two terms have different meanings completely. When we say budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda, we mean booking affordable tour packages at sensitive prices with a guarantee of staying in comfortable facilities or camping sites when on a safari.

This may not be the case when you opt to go for the cheap gorilla safaris which will land you into cheaper accommodation facilities and make you curse the gorilla experience.

How we organize budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Since accommodation usually takes the bigger portion of a gorilla trekking safari after clearing off the gorilla permit, our tour experts come in to help you save more. We do this by securing you a budget gorilla tour by partnering with some safari lodges nearby the Volcanoes National park. Our partnership with these lodges has often resulted in massive discounts for budget travelers

You will have to enjoy the same services as any other traveler staying in these lodges; with all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) included and other corporate services such include traveling in air-conditioned safari vans, visiting local communities for cultural experiences and performances, among others.

The rates for budget gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are surely offered to you at extremely no add-on costs, neither services fees. What is unique about our budget gorilla safaris is that they are crafted to be affordable, comfortable and enjoyable by visitors traveling for the gorilla adventure experience.

Please kindly drop us an email with the name of the tour package below and we should get back to you with a quote in the shortest time possible.

See some of our Budget gorilla Trekking Tour packages are here below.

Listed above are our most affordable budget gorilla trekking tour packages offered at very friendly prices in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Please note the discounted offers on the above packages doesn’t in any way affect the cost of gorilla permits. The permit will always remain at USD $1500 in Rwanda, USD $600 in Uganda and USD$450 in DR Congo.

You should ensure that you obtain these permits earlier before the exact date of trekking the gorillas so as to guarantee the availability of any of our budget tour packages. The gorilla permits are are sold on first come first serve basis.

Budget Gorilla Trekking Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

If you are to consider gorilla permits cost, you should be able to see that the budget gorilla trekking tours aren’t much favored in Rwanda due to its high price for the gorilla permits. But with our high bargaining power, you can contact us to secure you a Rwanda budget gorilla tour at affordable prices to enable you enjoy the trekking  adventure in the World’s top luxury gorilla destination, Rwanda.

Other most sought destinations for budget gorilla safaris and experiences include Uganda (which will reward you a mesmerizing experience of gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga), and DR Congo. There are also available tour packages to track the gorillas from Kigali to Uganda, or Kigali to Congo, whichever suits your interest.

Also, visitng Rwanda during the low season is another way to secure budget gorilla tours in Rwanda. During this period, the gorilla permits are sold at reduced prices which enables you to save hugely. These months are March to May and October to November. Find out more about the discounted gorilla permits here.

Get in touch with us today to start planning you exceptional budget gorilla trekking tour to Rwanda.

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