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The green hills that spread endlessly across the land, red roof tops and blue sky paint a back ground to a small bus packed tightly with the smiles of the local people. The Rwanda Rwiza means beautiful Rwanda in the native Kinyarwanda language. The Rwiza village is mainly focusing on those interested with Rwanda culture. Its why the Rwiza village guest house has opened its doors and it’s the reason why all the things in Rwiza village are coming from the local community and has the root of traditional culture.

Rwiza Village

Directions to Rwiza village.

The express buses connect Karongi town center to Kigali and Gisenyi. The village is approximately 6.4km from Karongi town center most of it on a good paved road, and 500m on the un paved track. The local transport from Karongi town centre/ bus station are local taxis or motos. You can also use private safari vehicles and use the same directions to arrive at the Rwiza village.

Our rooms

The beautiful African style decorated with stunning views of the breath taking gardens and lake kivu, the sound of the waves lap the nearby shore soothing you to sleep, the double rooms have the mosquito nets, bath rooms with toilets, shower and free wireless internet that is available in all rooms.

The Restaurant

The village offers unchallenged quality and perfectly high standards. Rwiza village is the perfect place and relax in an environment surrounded by lush and Kivu Lake view. The menu offers an excellent selection of skillfully prepared Rwanda, African and international dishes to suit your choice.

The activities at Rwiza Village can be arranged at an additional cost at the time of booking accommodation or upon arrival at the Ruzizi village; hiking, boat safari as well as cultural safaris.

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