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Rwanda Car Hire Services

Visit and Tour Rwanda offers Rwanda car hire services on all our safari packages for easy transportation in and around Kigali as you discover the beauty of Rwanda. With a fleet of well maintained and regularly serviced cars, we guarantee safety and a breathtaking drive while on your trip and enable you get the best out of your holiday experience in your preferred destinations. To ensure you get the best when you choose Rwanda car hire with us, Our technical team and drivers fully inspect and test our cars before and after every trip. We go an extra mile to provide support on time in case of any breakdown (which is not always the case).

Explore and discover the beauty on your trip when you choose on a Self drive Rwanda car hire services with Visit and Tour Rwanda. we assure take you to destinations all around Uganda and Rwanda to get the best for your safari excursion.

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Checkout our Rwanda Car Hire Services

Are you planning to use a self drive car hire during your holiday in Rwanda, Visit and Tour Rwanda offers the following car hire services to ensure you have a perfect safari itinerary throughout..

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Self Drive Rwanda Car Hire


Want to enjoy your safari holiday in Rwanda or Uganda? Consider booking car hire services with Visit and Tour to explore and get a chance to discover the land of thousand hills like an expert. We are your number one priority for car hire services. Our fleet of cars consists of affordable sturdy safari vehicles that will guarantee you ultimate comfort and relaxation during your holiday trip. We have stunning and off road runners such as the 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser, 4X4 Safari Van, the Rav 4, Extended Land cruisers, all well set to enable you enjoy lasting memories on your safari in Rwanda or Uganda. Choose to book a self drive road trip with us and you will surely get the best of your safari experience.  We are your trusted and reliable car hire agency for Rwanda and Uganda holiday tours. Check our Self drive Car Hire Fleet and choose a perfect car for your trip.

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  Car Hire With A Professional Driver/Guide


Are you planning for a Rwanda car hire on your safari holiday but not sure about the driving?That is not an issue to make you worried, with Visit and Tour Rwanda, our car hire services often go with a professional driver/guide who is well versed with the driving environment and navigation channel int he region to drive you around as well as guiding you, and explore more with while on a trip in the land of Africa. Additionally, our driver are well trained and skilled with immediate troubleshooting techniques in case of a technical breakdown. Don’t want to hassle with self driving to tourist destinations, hire a car with a guide with us today to gain deeper insights into the local culture and primates in Africa. Contact Us today

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Rwanda Car Hire With Quality camping gear


Are you planning a camping holiday in Rwanda or Uganda while on your safari itinerary? Visit and Tour Rwanda offers you a perfect option to hire a car with quality camping gear services for an outdoor lasting adventure while in the wilderness camps. You can visualize that feeling of spending a night in the woods , sitting around a camp fire , sleeping to the sound of crickets and waking up to the beautiful songs of the birds is an experience like no other. Explore more on a camping trip in Uganda and Rwanda’s parks and local attractions with camping grounds ready to offer you that up-close and personal experience with wildlife and nature.
Contact Us today and let us know about your camping needs

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  Rwanda Car Hire With Accommodation


With Visit and Tour Rwanda Car hire services, you have the possibility of combining the whole package of car hire with accommodation details to save yourself time of looking for a perfect lodge or hotel to stay in while on your safari. We have strong working relationships with the best lodges and hotels for your perfect and healthy accommodation in comfortable environments and scenic view of the land of Africa. Discover Uganda and Rwanda’s beauty and enhance your self drive and car rental adventure in some of the best safari lodges (recommended on Trip Advisor). These lodges also offer you a camping space to cater for you camping needs and a fireplace at night. Such an extraordinary experience, why not Contact Us today to make your safari bookings?

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Rwanda Car Rental Rates & Quotes


Our Car rental Rates offered are in USD ($) but exclude the Driver and Fuel, however when booking for a car, you may opt for these additional services and receive a separate quote depending on the number of days and routes/destinations you are taking. Visit and tour Rwanda works tirelessly to save you the hassle and make your safari holiday a memorable one.  You can opt in for long term car rental and enjoy crazy discounts. Hire a car from as low as USD 40 per day (without driver and fuel). Please note that, the car rental prices are charged basing on the season; High season (July to January) and low season (April, May and November) season have different prices. Visit the Car Rental Rates pages or Contact Us today to describe your tailored needs.

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