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Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel is located in Buvungira cell of Bushekerei of Nyamasheke district of western province of Rwanda. Its main area consist of large, two rondavel with a high roof. The building offers a rather more modern take on the theme. The views at this hotel are so stunning and on clear days you can see Lake Kivu and the volcanoes of far North Rwanda and the Eastern of Democratic republic of Congo. The hotel is built on the top of the Hills positioning it to have the most beautiful views in the Nyungwe Forest area. Its located five minutes’ drive off the main road, uphill, with 12 cottages arranged into rows, one at the sunset and another at the sun rise. Each of the double cottage houses has a lounge area at the front, with sofa, chair, terracotta tiled floors as well as a fire place. The bed rooms are quite sparse, furnished with a bed, hanging space for the clothes as well as a dressing table.

Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel


The hotel is located at less than two kilometers from the main high way road from Kigali to Bukavu and it makes it accessible to the travelers. The hotel is located 30 minutes’ drive from the shore of Lake Kivu. This lake has been identified as an important medium for transport of tourists who not only want to enjoy scenic views of the lake but also want to trek the mountain gorillas. The site can be accessed by air as its located 45 minutes’ drive from Kamembe airport where a daily schedule is covered by Rwanda Air.

The hotel is also well located to accommodate the people who are willing to do business in Cyangugu and neighboring countries including the DRC and Burundi. It’s also located 45 minutes from Bukavu and 3 hours to Bujumbura in Burundi.

Uniqueness of the accommodation facilities

The site has got an unrivaled location view and the site enjoys a great view of different parts of Nyungwe National Park. There are sites of Lake Kivu and a chain of extinct and active volcanoes including Karisimbi, Mikeno, Nyamuragira and Nyiragongo. There are also sites of Nyungwe forest canopy and gentle hills of the park, tea plantations and the terraces from the community gardens.

The cottages are built top fit the local environment with a mixture of Rwandese traditional art work and the modern interior design and furnishing hence visitors comfortably enjoy the area beauty. Each of the cottages has been constructed with a particular view which the visitor enjoys while sited at the balcony.


The hotel is located on the vicinity of Nyungwe National Park which harbors many of tourism attractions including many primates that are already accustomed to human presence including the black white colobus, chimpanzees, Mangabey and the unique plant species including orchids making it great for the visitors. The park is also located at the Congo Nile water divide and the attractions here include the Congo Nile that has been created to enable nature venture. The forest has also got many endangered bird species making it suitable for the birders. There is also the canopy walk as well as the waterfalls.

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