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Kigali, Rwanda.

The lodge is located very close to the Nyungwe Forest National Park, just outside the small city of Kitabi. It’s in a very quiet place, near a forest in the middle of nature. The hotel has a very comfortable hotel and a camping with deluxe tents and the portable tents. The lodge also provides high quality lodging services in a natural environment and harmony with nature.

Nyungwe Nziza Eco Lodge

Accommodation facilities

The Lodge has got variety of rooming facilities as detailed below

Deluxe tent rooms

These are for two persons with double beds or twin beds. They have got comfortable beds with solar lamps, table, clothes, Rack, bath towels. The beddings have 100% cotton sheets, duvet, pillow and the matress. There is also a hot water bag that is available on request for free. The balcony has got a great view with mesmerizing sun set over the Nyungwe forest National Park in the evening or marvel at the twilight skies.

Deluxe rooms

These also have two or one bed and they can be either one double room or a twin room with two beds. These also have deluxe tent room facilities but with an African handmade table arm chairs.. The balcony has got a great view with mesmerizing sun set over the Nyungwe forest National Park in the evening or marvel at the twilight skies.

Camping areas

There are portable tents that are available for camping. You can come with your own tent and you have the choice of the place to camp. The sleeping bags, sleeping mats as well as solar lamps are also available. The lodge also offers clean out door showers and toilets.

Services offered at the Lodge

Volunteer tourism

The lodge allows collaborating with the well-wishers, international and regional volunteers, who might want to come in and help the country by providing experts, this means that their knowledge and skills benefit the local people.


Nyungwe Forest National Park has many bird species since it’s found in the Albertine Rift valley eco region and it’s very famous for its vegetation cover as well as being home to many bird species. The park is home to 310 species of birds and these can be seen on the top of the canopy walk. Your guide will help you in identifying the different bird species and the most famous birding site in the park include; BiguguMountain, canopy walk, Karamba area, Gisakura, the Kamiranzovu swamp as well as Gisakura tea estate.

Wildlife tourism

Many animals can be seen while having nature walks with in the park escorted by a ranger.

Visit to the Farms

These can be organized as a visit to a local tea farm on request

Community tourism.

The lodge provides exceptionally education and experiential tours with professional guides and interpreters. These tours are organized and managed by the local people and the company facilities the established tourism cooperatives.

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