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Best Time To Visit Congo for Safari Holidays


Located along the straddles of the equator, the Republic of Congo is well-known for its tropical weather. Depending on your itinerary plan, there are often selected the best times to visit Congo and what to expect throughout the year. The best time to visit Congo is during the long dry season from May to September, with July markedly the driest month, followed by August and June. The temperature also drops ever so slightly during these months. There is a shorter dry period in January and February. The higher regions of Virunga and Nyiragongo Volcano will provide welcome relief from the stuffiness.

January: Temperature: Max: 31°C (88°F), Rain (mm): 154
February: Temperature: Max: 31°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 136
March: Temperature: Max: 31°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 170
April: Temperature: Max: 31°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 196
May: Temperature: Max: 30°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 124
June: Temperature: Max: 28°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 7
July: Temperature: Max: 27°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 1
August: Temperature: Max: 28°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 4
September: Temperature: Max: 30°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 34
October: Temperature: Max: 30°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 136
November: Temperature: Max: 29°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 254
December: Temperature: Max: 29°C (88°F), Rainfall (mm): 171

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Best Time to Visit Congo for Safari Holidays


If you are probably looking for the best time to visit Congo, then you should think of the period between Mid May to October based on average temperature and humidity from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. However, you can read more about the weather and climate structure in Congo to get the basic insights for an all year round safari expedition

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Best Time to Visit Virunga National Park


Virunga National park in Congo is a top destination for congo safari holiday tours with the most sought adventure of gorilla trekking in the country. However, despite a little bit of rain here and there, the park is still a year-round destination. The months of July through to September are by far the driest months of the year, and, it’s probably the best time to visit Congo. In fact, if you’re looking to go for a gorilla trek in Virunga, this is the best time of year! It is possible that the gorilla families will move to a higher-altitude from July to September resulting in slightly longer trekking times, so do be prepared to get sweaty.

The rain in the Virunga National Park usually begins in November, which is by far the wettest month of the year. This might not typically be the best time to visit Congo, but if you do choose to travel in either October or November, or March to May, many of the lodges offer fantastic money-saving deals, and the cost of the gorilla trekking permits is often reduced too.

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Best Time to Kahuzi Beiga National Park


Kahuzi Biega national park is listed under the world heritage sites as a home for the most endangered species of the eastern lowland gorillas which are only found in democratic republic of Congo in the entire world. It is difficult to recommend the best time to visit Kahuzi Biega National Park because the park is located in a region with a vast rain forest. Tourists should visit the park expecting rain at any time of the year. The rainy season transforms the park into the perfect green landscape with a lot of food which migratory birds love. Gorilla trekking is also best done during the rainy season because the gorillas are less mobile as food is in plenty.
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Best Time to Visit Nyiragongo


At the top of Nyiragongo, temperatures often drop below freezing throughout the year and this is unavoidable. Proper hiking gear is a must! You can hire the extras (sleeping bags and mats and the like) when you arrive, but warm layers, gloves, good socks, and boots are absolutely essential. If climbing Nyiragongo is top of your list, the best time to visit DRC would probably be from June to September to take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures as you climb the lower sections.

If you forced us to choose, we might say that the months of December, January and February are the best time to visit the DRC, Virunga in particular. There’s a slight break in the rains, not as many people traveling (not that the DRC is ever busy, however!) and the sunsets are mind-bogglingly beautiful.

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