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Amakoro Songa Lodge is located in a small village outside the town of Kinigi, the Amakoro Songa Lodge is a genuine blend of conservation and tourism. Its eight luxurious cottages are designed and built to take advantage of its serene surroundings which give every visitor a chance to escape everyday life and sense of tranquility.

The lodge gets its name from the black volcanic rocks that characterize this mountainous part of Rwanda that is home to the mountain gorillas. The lodge is also set on a seven-acre plot with beautifully manicured lawns, surrounded by the Mubahura, Gahinga and Sabinyo mountain volcanoes.

Amakoro Songa Lodge

All the cottages at the lodge are purposely furnished with rustic elegance, fusing local and modern pieces that create a good warmth and some comfort. The rooms, each is equipped with a fireplace that allows the guests to opt for a post trekking massage. The must experiences out door fire place is not to be missed and it allows the guests to enjoy an evening drink while watching the traditional intore dance troupe.

Amakoro Songa Lodge is a big on try local when it comes to our cuisine. The chefs grow their spices and organic vegetables in the gardens and are able to cater to the tastes of the world. The lodge recruits staff from the local community who will be at hand to offer you with authentic local hospitality and knowledge of the area.

The guests that visit the lodge take part in traditional activities like tree planting, community cleaning and traditional dancing. The lodge organizes community walks that include home visits and a story moment with the oldest residents who shares stories dating back to pre and post-colonial times. The community walks always end with a picnic and private moment for the guests to enjoy nature.

The main activity at the lodge is gorilla trekking. the lodge is close to the park headquarters where the adventure begins making it very convenient for the guests. You can also enjoy other activities including; mountain climbing, cycling and bird watching or relaxation at the lodge.

The key facilities found at the lodge include;

Amakoro outdoor fire place

Indoor lounge and fire place

Amakoro bush dinner

Grass thatched Mongolian dinner

The traditional dancing troupe


Views of the volcanoes

The Key activities at the lodge include

Gorilla trekking

Golden monkey trekking


Mountain climbing

Bird watching

Cave watching.

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